There has never been a better time to enter the world of mass communications, where you can achieve your degree in a stimulating field with opportunities and satisfying careers in the new media – and beyond.

New Mexico State University’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communications offers a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with emphasis of study in advertising, broadcasting, news editorial, photojournalism and public relations. The department has an internship/practicum program, which assists students in finding varied internships that provide valuable, up-to-date experience. You also have the opportunity to work on a live news broadcast – News 22 – or create multimedia stories for the Merge, our online news magazine and our photojournalism site.

The Scoop, which reaches our alumni throughout the world, is completely written, illustrated and designed by our students. You are also encouraged to apply for national and regional scholarships. The communication and technical skills you learn as a journalism major opens career opportunities for you in all fields of journalism, including magazine, newspaper and online publications; radio and television, and, governmental agencies; business and industry communications; multi-media agencies; and advertising and public firms.






We sincerely thank the following for recent donations to the journalism department and various scholarships:

Cy F. Cress & Lois R. Cress (Siblings)— The Cress Excellence in Journalism Current Use Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Guy A. Phillips — Phillips Endowed Media Scholarship

Gena Bermudez — Journalism & Mass Communications  Scholarship

Eric Pearson — Journalism & Mass Communications Scholarship

Joseph Stuever — Barbara Kerr Page Endowed Scholarship

Chris Baker — Kokopelli Website Fund

Taos News — Kokopelli Website Fund

Linda Crittenden — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Belinda Rainosek — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Judith Ellsworth — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Linden Price — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Irene Perry — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Megan Riccitiello — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Nelda Garza — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Lt. Colonel Gary & Mrs. Gary R. Cataldo, USA (RET) — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Davis — Journalism Department Discretionary Fund

Grant Taylor – Journalism Department Discretionary Fund

Beverly Evans — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Shirley Faulkner — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Dona Fox — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Patricia Hawkins — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Grace James — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Mary Lothery — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Vernon Malec — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Kevin Marvel — Tamara E. Koch Scholarship

Esther Rickey — Daniel Perry Scholarship

Anthony Casaus— Journalism and Mass Comm. Department

 Diane Lilley — Journalism and Mass Comm. Department

Jeffery Hughes— Journalism and Mass Comm. Scholarship

Harry Readel— Journalism and Mass Comm. Scholarship

Kenneth Fischer— Journalism and Mass Comm. Scholarship

Sandra Graham— Journalism and Mass Comm. Scholarship

Antonio Rivera— Journalism and Mass Comm. Scholarship

Russ Lewis— J. Sean McCleneghan Endowed Scholarship

Jennifer Strasburg— Steven R. Pasternack Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Richard Hindley— Barbara Kerr Page Endowed Journalism Scholarship

Joseph Stuever— Barbara Kerr Page Endowed Journalism Scholarship

Robert Stone— Barbara Kerr Page Endowed Journalism Scholarship

Mark Dienhart— J. Sean McCleneghan Endowed Scholarship