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Don’t get duped: How to spot ‘fake news’

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Professor gives TED talk

NMSU Associate Professor Bruce Berman gave a TEDxEl Paso talk at the El Paso Museum of Art on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017.

NMSU Associate Professor Bruce Berman


The talk, titled “Walking Between The Lines: The Nature Of Documentary Photography,” discussed the photographer’s role in the process of documenting socially sensitive issues. The talk was accompanied by 12 images from Professor Berman’s career, and is now available on YouTube.

Berman was one of ten speakers on the agenda. He talked about his recent book, “Walking Juárez,” and discussed the way documentary photographers gain access to subjects, how they work, and how they distribute their work. The theme for this year’s TED talk was “Your city. Your design,” and featured outstanding thinkers and doers. The ten speakers were each limited to 18 minutes.


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