Journalism Minor

Minor: Journalism and Media Studies

Students who seek a minor in Journalism and Media Studies are required to take the following courses:

JOUR 102, JOUR 105G, JOUR 110 and JOUR 210, plus any three upper division courses.

Total credits for a minor: 20

Students may not earn both a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies and minor in Journalism and Media Studies

Required Courses

JOUR 102 Grammar for Journalists (for those with English ACT score below 25 or SAT below 570) 2
JOUR 105G Media and Society 3
JOUR 110 Introduction to Mass Media Writing* 3
JOUR 210 Newswriting for Print and Internet 3
3 Upper division JOUR courses totaling 9 upper division credits 9


*Students must pass JOUR 102 or have an ACT score of 25+ or 570+ SAT score prior to enrolling in JOUR 110, Introduction to Mass Media Writing.